GHSTLY XXVII – pronounced ‘Ghostly Twenty 7’ or ‘Ghostly Two Seven’ has been named as one of the leaders of the new wave of grime MC’s to come out of West London.

GHS’ original musical influences come from the mid-90s to mid-00s that his music loving parents played in his childhood home. His dad was a soundman, a DJ/MC in the Ragga scene and his mum often played Soul and R&B so, music spanning from R Kelly to Bounty Killer was regularly heard during his youth and began shaping his musical interest.

Growing up in the early 00’s, GHS was exposed to the influential UK sounds of the time such as Garage and early Grime. This is where his music love became more active with him getting into the likes of So Solid, Roll Deep and more.

It was at the peak of the Channel U era when GHS started writing his first lyrics at just nine years old and it wasn’t long after that, that he began clashing in the playground and on the estates in his local London area during the times of Bluetooth phones and Akademiks tracksuits.

From there he started attending youth clubs all over the borough. By the time online platforms like SBTV started cropping up he and a few others had already started recording themselves spitting bars on and uploading them to YouTube to a positive response. By age 17 he had already began dominating the underground radio scene with his peers with appearances on stations like Radar Radio, Mode FM, Flex FM, Pyro and Rinse FM on a weekly basis. Similar to the artists who came before him, clashing other MCs live on the airwaves.

Age 18, GHS went on his first international booking to the USA off the back of his single In Ere’.

Now, off the back of releasing the prolific single 3310, he continues to collaborate with some of the biggest artists in the scene and is a member of the Spentshell movement.

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