Spentshell serves up an 8-bar fest for every MC on Masro’s shoulder bouncing Grime
explosion Gridlock. After working on a track from Flowdan’s ‘One Shell Fits All’ EP,
(SPENTSHELL003), Masro provides more production for the label, and a platform for eleven MCs to spit fire on.

Gridlock features some of the hottest MCs from around London, collaborating with the finest from up north. Spentshell residents YGG kick off the track, followed by signature flows from Manga and GHSTLY XXVII. Veteran MC Discarda is immediately recognisable with his ‘waterboy’ bar. Birmingham’s Safone jumps in before LoganJoso Sick and Leicester’s KamakazeFlowdan is last to bless the track with his usual bass and merkage lyrics.

The tunes intro, reminiscent of an 80s computer game just before you enter the boss level, has your ears piqued before Masro’s calling card ‘Ayy!’ makes its stamp on the tune. The track invokes a break your neck type of skank, that’s synonymous with his distinctive production. The quick changing of the MC will have you pulling up the tune to listen again to identify your favourite verse, out of a whole host of serious shelling.

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